About Us: Malaysia's No.1 Training Venue- The iSpace Venue


Every space has a story, what’s yours?

Every training room at the iSpace has a story, many exciting, memorable and successful trainings, meetings, workshops and events have taken place at the iSpace. Which is why we strive to constantly provide our clients with the best support for their events by providing new training equipment, catering from the best food in town, and a modern environment surrounded by nature and modern architecture.

Why we exist

We pride ourselves as Malaysia’s best boutique training room rental company. Always listening to our client, one at a time.

It has become our goal to constantly reinvent ourselves here at the iSpace so that we can continue to provide our clients with the best service.

iSpace has managed to overtime build a strong brand in the training room rental business by delivering our clients with unrivalled customer service, modern and productive environment, flexible customization, all at a reasonable and cost effective price. Book a training room today

We are Here to listen to your needs

Our consultants at the iSpace is able to take care of everything there is to successfully run and manage your trainings. From idea generation to solutions like catering, event promotion, marketing and many more. Contact an iSpace consultant today